A Dream of Tulum

A “dreamscape” produced with field recordings from Tulum (Q. Roo) and Merida (Yucatan), Mexico. The Caribbean Sea breeze playing the strings of an Aeolian harp, a Guitarrón surreptitiously plucked, a Mayan ritual re-enactment.

released 24 June 2014
Caty Petersen (Aeolian harp), Indira Beatrix (laughter).

the Afterbuzz Veena

form concept drawing 2013

Building a MIDI controller in the form of a synth-string instrument (ie: held like a guitar) which controls MIDI-enabled music apps on the docked-in iPhone.

This project has been in the conceptual stages of development since June 2011. Now in 2014 it is finally coming together!

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The Hands That Fed Me

This 4-minute short film, created for the food film contest over at realfoodmedia.org, represents my first original film score! Narrated by Lee Reidl – all audio recorded, performed and edited by Ben Johnson – and with a tight deadline too. Let me know what you think!