Aire Nuevo – Música Musa

A nice recording credit for the Dog House Studio! Kenji Fukushima recorded his guitar tracks in the Riondel studio last January, and we sent them off to Hans in Mexico City for mixing. So inspiring to be part of an international collaboration! Kenji’s guitar is heard on: track 5; Inspiración 17:01 track 6; Música Musa 19:34  

A Dream of Tulum

A Dream of Tulum by Ben Johnson A “dreamscape” produced with field recordings from Tulum (Q. Roo) and Merida (Yucatan), Mexico. The Caribbean Sea breeze playing the strings of an Aeolian harp, a Guitarrón surreptitiously plucked, a Mayan ritual re-enactment. released 24 June 2014 Caty Petersen (Aeolian harp), Indira Beatrix (laughter).

the Afterbuzz Veena

Building a MIDI controller in the form of a synth-string instrument (ie: held like a guitar) which controls MIDI-enabled music apps on the docked-in iPhone. This project has been in the conceptual stages of development since June 2011. Now in 2014 it is finally coming together!

Tipi Camp ‘Tribute’ (2012)

Produced by Farley Curzons, Recorded & Engineered by Will Chapman, Daniel Silakiewicz and Ben Johnson, This album also features the voice of Peter Duryea, the Founder of Tipi Camp. Ben contributed tabla performance on Track 1: “Awakenings” and drum set percussion on track 6: “The Groove”.

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