Musical instruments are, in my opinion, marvellous and beautiful art objects, as well as the tools of my craft. Actually, I think the difference between tools and instruments is that you should have clean hands to use instruments. These are the instruments I play:


Since 1986, I’ve been a drummer. My first and still primary instruments. While other instruments connect with the emotions, drums connect with the body and inspire movement, from toe-tapping to all-out boogie!

Drum Kit

My drum kit is a Canadian-made maple kit; an EPEK Phat Trav’ler named Phatima. I was playing a lot of belly-dance gigs when I chose this kit, and her red satin flame finish recalls those days. I use mainly Zildjian cymbals, except for my Soultone 26″ flat ride.

Traditional Mediterranean Percussion

Since the 1990s I’ve been playing Greek and Middle-Eastern music on goblet-shaped drums such as the doumbek/darbuka and as well on frame-type drums such as the Tar /Def / Riq / tambourines. I own a wide variety of these types of drums, and my absolute favourites are an 11″ walnut darbuka and a 16″ jingled bendir, both made by Sylvan Temple Drums on Vancouver Island.

Electric Guitar

The old friend I think fondly of but rarely visit these days.. yet there is a longing for return.
I got my first electric guitar in 1990, I was 16 and she was a black 1985 Ibanez proline. I played that guitar every day for at least five years. Guitar heroes of mine are Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour and Joe Satriani. I still have a fondness for that guitar and got another Ibanez to keep her company in 2006.

Tabla (India)

  • Mystique for drummers
  • Saw my first set on ‘Hilarious House of Frightenstein’, age 3
  • Started playing in 2000, a few lessons from local Sikh temple
  • Studied in Kerala, India for 5 weeks
  • recordings

Santoor (Persia)

  • Got one in 2000
  • Studied at U of C World Music Ensemble with Ali Mehraban
  • recordings

Oud (Arabic & Turkish)

  • Got an Egyptian oud in 2002
  • before YouTube
  • got Sukar electric in 2005 (made in Aleppo, Syria in Ibrahim Sukar’s workshop that is presumably no more)
  • My acoustic oud was made in the workshop of Haluk Eraydin (PBUH) in Istanbul.
  • recordings (Desert Dub)

Cumbus (Turkish fretless banjo)

  • Got one in 2005

Saz (Anatolian lute)

  •   Got one in 2010

Ukulele / Cavaquinho

  • Got one in 2013
  • Couldn’t resist the ukulele craze, but also useful in Samba

Afterbuzz Veena

  • My own creation

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